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Student Travel/Research Grant 2020

 Deadline to Apply: January 15, 2020

Please circulate this information to honours BSc and graduate students and encourage them to apply, thank you!

Terms of reference

The Mineralogical Association of Canada awards travel and research grants to assist honours undergraduate and graduate students in the mineral sciences to:

  • Present their research at a conference
  • Visit a facility, laboratory or field area to gather data for their research
  • Pay for analyses or equipment for a research project undertaken to complement the main research topic.

The maximum grant value is CAN$1200 per student. Grants will fund up to 50% of costs incurred for registration, travel and subsistence, and up to 100% of other research costs (e.g., equipment, analyses). Quotations and receipts may be requested for any equipment purchased.


  • Graduate students and honours students at the undergraduate levels in one of the fields covered in The Canadian Mineralogist (mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, economic geology and geochemistry)
  • Following the event, grant recipients must submit a report of their travel or research for possible publication by MAC.

To apply

  • Submit the application form (English/pdf formatEnglish/Word format) (French/pdf formatFrench Word format) and a CV along with a signed letter of support from your supervisor.  Write brief but thorough statements and be clear as to how the proposed activities will benefit your education or research.  If the space provided for the budget is insufficient, then attach your budget on a separate sheet.
  • If presenting a talk or poster at a meeting, include an abstract of the research that will be presented. Grants will be conditional to acceptation of the abstract for the meeting.
  • If you are requesting a research grant, include a one-page research proposal.  This should explain what you propose to study, why the research is important or interesting, as well as a detailed description of how you will do this research (including when you will do it). The research proposal should also explain the independence of the research project and how it will complement their main research project.

A subcommittee of the MAC Council will review all proposals received by January 15 to be awarded by March 31.  The MAC Council reserves the right to make no awards.

Deadline for application: January 15, 2020