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Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson completed a BSc degree in geology (Hon.) with a minor in physics at Brandon University, Manitoba. She then enrolled in a master s program in geology at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, under the supervision of Dr. Dave Lentz and Dr. Chris McFarlane.

Her MSc study comprises a detailed examination of the Moose II pegmatite, located 115 km southeast of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This zoned pegmatite forms a northtrending dike, approximately 430 m long and up to 61 m wide, and belongs to the spodumene subtype of the rare-element pegmatite family. This pegmatite was selected for detailed geochemical investigations due to its accessibility, exposure, and production history for lithium and tantalum (1946-1954). Melissa is examining how the pegmatite formed, the mechanisms of emplacement, and the processes leading to mineralization. In addition, she is using the trace element geochemistry of muscovite to develop a geochemical exploration tool for pegmatites in the area. Rare-metal granitic pegmatites are important hosts for the rare lithophile elements, including Ta, Li, Cs, Nb, Be, and Sn. These elements are fundamental for current and emerging technologies. Melissa loves doing geological field work and has found a passion for economic geology.