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MAC Foundation Scholarship

The Mineralogical Association of Canada will fund two $5000 scholarships yearly to graduate students. One to a student enrolled in an MSc program and one to a student in a PhD program, in the following fields of study

  • Mineralogy
  • Crystallography
  • Geochemistry
  • Mineral deposits
  • Petrology

Deadline for application

  • May 1st (Transcripts will accepted until May 14th)


  • Students entering the second year of an MSc program or the second or third year of a PhD program at a Canadian university in September.
  • Canadian citizens enrolled in the above or equivalent programs at any university.

Application forms

For more information please contact Johanne Caron

Previous winners:

Christoffer Beckett-Brown, 2019
Derek Leung, 2019
Matthew Manor, 2018
Erin Gibbons, 2018
Bryan Maciag, 2017
Corwin Trottier, 2017
Jillian Kendrick, 2016
Justin Drummond, 2016
Peter Crockford, 2015
Philippe Belley, 2015
Nicolle Dupuis, 2014
Jesse Reimink, 2014
Amy Ryan, 2013
David Turner, 2013
Olivier Gagné, 2012
Mitchell Kerr, 2012
Melissa Anderson, 2011
Matthew R. M. Izawa, 2011
Melanie Cousineau, 2010
Luke Hilchie, 2010
Guillaume Lesage , 2009
Kathleen A. Smart , 2009
Ernesto Pecoits, 2008
Siobhan A. (Sasha) Wilson, 2006
Jason MacKenzie, 2005
Murray Allan, 2004
Jacob Hanley, 2003
Daniel Layton-Matthews, 2002
Andrew Locock, 2001
Martin Stewart, 2000
Shannon Farrell, 1999