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Fluid and Melt Inclusions: Applications to Geologic Processes

Vol. 49, 2020
Editors: Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez and Matthew Steele-MacInnis, University of Alberta, and Daniel Kontak, Laurentian University.
ISBN 9780921294634

This volume represents the fourth publication on the theme of fluid and melt inclusions in the series of Topics in Mineral Science (previously Short Course Series) sponsored and published by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

The main focus is on the applications of fluid and melt inclusions to answering relevant geologic questions across a wide range of settings. As such, each chapter in this volume includes aspects of two main themes:

  1. How the analysis of fluid and melt inclusions has contributed, and continues to contribute, to answering key geologic questions.
  2. How to go about using fluid and melt inclusions to answer such questions.

With regard to the second theme, we stress that this volume generally does not provide detailed descriptions of particular analytical methods, but rather it provides high-level overviews of the “philosophy,” approach and best practices to keep in mind when designing a fluid and/or melt inclusion study.

For specific analytical techniques and thermodynamic considerations, the reader will mostly be referred to the previous volumes, whereas the focus here is on relating the results of such analyses to large-scale geological processes.

Our hope is that, armed with the insights contained in this volume, even novice practitioners will have the perspective to recognize how fluid and melt inclusions can help answer key questions, and to devise the best approach to extract the key information from those inclusions that are most beneficial for making robust interpretations.