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Laser Ablation ICP-MS in the Earth Sciences: Current Practices and Outstanding Issues

Volume 40, 2008
Editors : P. Sylvester
ISBN: 9-0-921294-49-8

Much has changed in the field of LA-ICP-MS since we published Short course volume 29 on the same topic in 2001. The technique has matured and expanded markedly, both in terms of the specific instrumentation used and the application base it serves.

Whereas in 2001, the primary use of the method in the Earth Sciences was for in situ analyses of trace-element concentrations, today a significant and growing volume of work done with these instruments is centered around in situ isotopic analyses.

This short course volume comprises 16 chapters and several appendices. A CD containing the chapters of Short Course Volume 29 Laser Ablation in the Earth Sciences is also included.