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Recent and not-so-recent developments in uranium deposits and implications for exploration

Please note: Short Course vol. 39 has been replaced by the Short Course volume 46: Uranium and Thorium Deposits.

Volume 39, 2009
Editors : M. Cuney, K. Kyser
ISBN: 978-0-921294-48-1

Exploration for uranium is currently at a level that surpasses the last exploration boom some 30 years ago.

Despite the lack of interest in uranium as a commodity during the past 30 years and the resulting loss of expertise and research, considerable progress has been made in research because of new ideas and technologies. These have allowed researchers to quantify models for all types of deposits.

The purpose of this short course volume is to highlight the data and research that have developed over the last 30 years as well as results from new research that can be integrated into exploration for uranium.

This short course volume considers models for different types of uranium deposits and the mechanisms that control their genesis, relating source, transport, deposition, and preservation, and how these can be used to refine strategies for uranium exploration.