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Topics in Mineral Sciences

In 2017 MAC’s Short Course series became ‘Topics in Mineral Sciences’

Since 1969, MAC has sponsored short courses at its annual meetings. The notes distributed to the registrants are published in a series of short-course volumes. Many of these are still available and have stood the test of time.

This series aims to provide reference books and textbooks in the mineral sciences.

SC48 Applied Isotope Geochemistry
SC47 Indicator Minerals in Till and Stream Sediments of the Canadian Cordillera
SC46 Geology and Geochemistry of Uranium and Thorium Deposits
SC45 Cathodoluminescence and its Application to Geoscience
SC44 Geology of Gems Deposits, Second Edition
SC43 Uranium: Cradle to Grave
SC42 Quantitative Mineralogy and Microanalysis of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
SC41 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry in the Earth Sciences: Gleaning the Big Picture from a Small Spot
SC40 Laser Ablation ICP MS in the Earth Sciences: Current Practices and Outstanding Issues
SC39 Recent and not-so-recent developments in uranium deposits and implications for exploration
SC38 Working with Migmatites
SC37 Geology of Gem Deposits – out of print – second edition is Volume 44, 2014
SC36 Melt Inclusions in Plutonic Rocks
SC35 Exploration for Platinum-Group Element Deposits
SC34 Mercury : Sources, Measurements, Cycles and Effects
SC33 Infrared Spectroscopy in Geochemistry, Exploration Geochemistry, and Remote Sensing
SC32 Fluid Inclusions: Analysis and Interpretation
SC31 Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes
SC30 Synchrotron Radiation:Earth, Environmental and Material Sciences Applications
SC29 Laser Ablation-ICPMS in the Earth SciencesPrinciples and Applications
SC28 Fluids and Basin Evolution
SC27 Modern Approaches to Ore and Environmental Mineralogy
SC26 Mineralized Intrusion-related Skarn Systems
SC25 Biological-Mineralogical Interactions
SC24 Undersaturated Alkaline Rocks: Mineralogy, Petrogenesis, and Economic Potential