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Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy

Volume 14, 2019
By László Horváth, Robert A. Gault, Elsa Pfenninger-Horváth & Glenn Poirier
ISBN: 978-0-921294-61-0

SP14 Taking over 20 years of meticulous preparation, László and Elsa Horváth, a duo of dedicated and dynamic amateur mineralogists, along with two researchers, Robert Gault, a mineralogist, and Glenn Poirier, a geologist, have produced the ultimate book “Mont Saint-Hilaire: History, Geology, Mineralogy”.

The photography captures the colors of Vásárely, the symmetry of Escher, the form of Bartók and the intricate patterns of Mandelbrot, all found here, in this miracle of nature.

One cannot but marvel at how this single, small quarry contains such mineral diversity. At last count, over 434 mineral species have been found at Mont Saint-Hilaire, representing 9% of all known mineral species.

The 66 type minerals first described from this locality represent 1.3 % of all mineral species, placing the Poudrette quarry in an extremely rarified class for worldwide mineral localities. Almost half, 47, of all known chemical elements are included in this mineral mix.

Beginning some 124 million years ago, several million years and a variety of geological processes were needed to accomplish this assemblage. Be captivated, learn and, most of all, enjoy!

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