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Atlas of Ore Minerals: Focus on Epithermal Deposits of Argentina

Volume 11, 2016
By Werner H. Paar, Milka K. de Brodtkorb, Hubert Putz, Robert F. Martin
ISBN: 978-0-921294-56-6

In this Atlas of Ore Minerals, we focus on the mineral species encountered in ore deposits of the Republic of Argentina, many of them of epithermal type.

We describe 210 ore minerals, illustrate their associations, both with macrophotos and in reflected light, and document their chemical composition. Enlightened interpretations of textural features hold the key to the establishment of paragenetic sequences.

We include an account of the tectonic evolution of Argentina and describe the more unusual mineral deposits, like Pirquitas, Famatina, Capillitas, Quevar and Tumiñico, all characterized by very complex assemblages, including selenides in some cases.

The 400-pages book is published with a DVD of all mineral photos as a resource to teachers, students, and researchers.

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