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Mineral Species First Discovered from Greenland

Volume 8, 2005
By O. Petersen, O. Johnsen
ISBN: 0-921294-39-5

This special publication Focuses on the 77 mineral species first described from Greenland.

In the introductory chapter, the authors give a brief historical development of mineralogical investigations in Greenland, with a special emphasis on the three intrusive bodies that account for most of the type-locality minerals: the Ilìmaussaq alkaline complex (39% of the total), the Ivigtut cryolite deposit (22%), and the Narssarssuk pegmatite (17%).

The book also includes a complete listing of obsolete names and doubtful species in the literature of Greenland minerals and a gallery of color photos of 34 photogenic minerals. Appendices covering the chronology of mineral discoveries, individual type localities, chemical classification of type minerals, an author index, and general references complete the book.

Special care has been taken to find photographs of people who had minerals named after them.