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Atlas of Non-Silicate Minerals in Thin Section

Volume 7, 2011
By Joan Carles Melgarejo, R.F. Martin
ISBN: 978-0-921294-51-1

This special publication presents an exhaustive compilation of information about most of the non-silicate mineral species likely to be encountered in advanced research in the geological sciences.

The book contains information on 408 minerals amenable to study with transmitted-light microscopy.

The contents of the book are organized according to the traditional Dana classification of minerals, and the environment of formation of each mineral is keyed to important citations to the literature.

All photos used to illustrate the attributes of the minerals are placed on a DVD included with the book.

Book review by Tony Nikischer, published in Mineral News Vol. 27.7, 2011
Book review by Reto Gieré, published in Elements Vol. 7.6, Dec. 2011