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Granitic Pegmatites: A Tribute to William B. “Skip” Simmons and Karen Louise Webber

Volume 54, Part 4, 2016
Editors : L.A. Groat

This pegmatite special issue of The Canadian Mineralogist is dedicated to Drs. William B. (Skip) Simmons and Karen L. Webber.

It pleases us immensely that these two fine researchers are being celebrated by this special issue. These two geologists can truly be considered among the key scientists working in the “pegmatology” field in the period between half of the last century and the present.

They also coined the word “pegmatology,” which deals with pegmatite mineralogy and petrology. They are particularly active in describing mineralogy as well as petrology of pegmatitic rocks from the mega- to the micro-scale, doing very accurate work both in the field and in the laboratory.

They spend a lot of time and effort in studying these particular rocks, driven by an immense passion. Thanks to this passion for pegmatology, they grew and trained in the science of pegmatology a great number of students.

Moreover, due to their presence at many of the big mineral shows, they also “infected” a lot of mineral collectors with pegmatology, and, of course, they infected the two authors of this preface, too. Despite their high scientific standing, Skip and Karen are friendly with everyone, spending a lot of time speaking on pegmatites at all levels and answering to all simple and complex questions. Both are truly approachable and always willing to help professionals, students, and mineral hobbyists.