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PGE Mineralogy from Magmatic to Supergene Environments

Volume 54, Part 2, 2016
Editors : L.A. Groat

This thematic issue contains 10 papers focused on the mineralogy of the PGE with special emphasis on PGM genesis and their physical properties. Description of PGM at many newly documented occurrences worldwide, such as Congo, India, Mongolia, and Russia.

The paper by Cabral et al. describes the occurrence of Pt-Cu alloys associated with calcite found in heavy concentrates from the Lubero region, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Based on the paragentic association, the author proposed a hydrothermal origin for the studied PGM. Three contributions (Barkov & Martin, Sinyakova et al., and Spiridonov et al.) deal with the presence of PGM from the famed Noril’sk sulfide deposit located in Siberia, Russia.

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