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A Tribute to Edward Sturgis Grew, on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Volume 53, Part 2, 2015
Editors : L.A. Groat

Research Professor Edward S. Grew from the University of Maine has been well known to professional mineralogists and geologists for several decades.

In his prolific career he has contributed to several disciplines within the geological sciences:

  • As editor of the huge volumes on boron and beryllium in Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, volumes 33 (1996) and 50 (2002), respectively.
  • As chair of the nomenclature committee for the sapphirine and surinamite groups (2008).
  • As chair of the subcommitee for the nomenclature of the garnet supergroup (2013).
  • Through his contributions to the granulite facies and the boron and beryllium mineralogy and petrology of Antarctica.
  • Through his extensive involvement in the crystal chemistry of the kornerupine-prismatine series with Mark Cooper and Frank Hawthorne at the University of Manitoba (2009).
  • Through his collaboration with Robert M. Hazen of the Carnegie Institution on the mineral evolution of beryllium and boron.

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