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The Mineralogy and Beneficiation of PGM-Cu-Ni Ores

Volume 49, Part 6, 2011
Editors : A. McDonald, M. A.E. Huminicki, R.F. Martin

This thematic issue of The Canadian Mineralogist features a collection of 17 contributions focused on the mineralogy (descriptive and applied) and beneficiation of the ores of platinum-group minerals (PGM), copper and nickel.

The collection includes papers on the geology, geochemistry, and genesis of PGM occurrences and deposits at many newly documented occurrences worldwide.

Many of these papers were presented at the 11th International Platinum Symposium, held in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on June 21-24, 2010.

The theme of the conference was “PGE in the 21st Century: Innovations in Understanding their Origins and Applications to Mineral Exploration and Beneficiation”.