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The Petrology of Anorthosites, Related Granitic Rocks, and UHT Assemblages: A Tribute to Ronald F. Emslie

Volume 48, Part 4, 2010
Editors : M.A. Hamilton, J. S. Scoates, O.T. Ramo, R.F. Martin

This special issue of The Canadian Mineralogist contains a number of papers that grew out of the joint GAC-MAC-SEG-SGAMD meeting in Quebec City.

A Special Session was organized to honor Ronald F. Emslie contributions to the fields of igneous petrology, geochemistry and mineralogy and stands as a tribute to the remarkable career of a humble Canadian giant in all of the aforementioned fields.

The contributions in this issue range in scope from large-scale overviews of how, when, and where Proterozoic AMCG suites form to papers dealing with mineral-scale reactions in rocks related to AMCG suites and ultra-high temperature (UHT) assemblages.