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The Petrogenesis of A-Type Granites and Related Rocks

Volume 47, Part 6, 2009
Editors : R. Dall’Agnol, O. T. Ramo, R. F. Martin

This special issue includes eleven selected papers, most of them presented in the 2006, at the Belém symposium.

Ten of these papers can be assembled in two groups:

  • The first embraces four papers that pertain to the crystallization and subsolidus alteration in evolved A-type granites and the role of fluids, fluorine in particular, in these processes, as well as their metallogenic implications.
  • The second group gives a general picture of representative Archean to Neoproterozoic A-type granite assemblages in Brazil and deals with the classification of A-type granites and their isotopic, geochemical, structural, and tectonic aspects.

A methodology-focused paper (fifth in order in the special issue) gives an in-depth account of the significance of the in situ Lu-Hf zircon method in deciphering the petrogenesis of A-type granites.