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The Canadian Mineralogist Thematic Issues

At least once a year MAC publishes a thematic issue of The Canadian Mineralogist that is available for sale outside of the subscriptions. It’s one of the six issues that subscribers receive.

For General Inquiries, Copyright and Reproduction Permission or to make a Thematic Issue proposal, please contact:

Managing Editor
Mackenzie Parker
University of British Columbia
6339 Stores Road
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4
Phone: 604-833-6804
Fax: 604-228-6088

ISSN 0008-4476 (printed version)
ISSN 1499-1261 (electronic version)

TI59-5 A Tribute to Kurt Kyser
TI59-1 A Tribute to Elena Sokolova
TI58-6 Pegmatites: A Tribute to Ana Neiva
TI56-4 A Tribute to Milan Novák
TI55-4 Gems Materials
TI54-4 Granitic Pegmatites: A Tribute to William B. “Skip” Simmons and Karen Louise Webber
TI54-2 PGE Mineralogy from Magmatic to Supergene Environments
TI54-1 A Tribute to Frank Christopher Hawthorne
TI53-5 A Tribute John Leslie Jambor
TI53-2 A Tribute to Edward Sturgis Grew, on the occasion of his 70th birthday
TI52-2 Pegmatitic Phosphate: A Tribute to François Fontan, André-Mathieu Fransolet, and Paul Keller
TI50-6 Granitic Pegmatites and their Minerals: A Second Tribute to Petr Černý
TI50-4 Granitic Pegmatites and their Minerals: A Tribute To Petr Černý
TI50-2 Sulfosalts and Much More… A Tribute to Emil Makovicky
TI49-6 The Mineralogy and Beneficiation of PGM-Cu-Ni Ores
TI49-1 Tourmaline: An Ideal Indicator of its Host Environment
TI48-4 The Petrology of Anorthosites, Related Granitic Rocks, and UHT Assemblages: A Tribute to Ronald F. Emslie
TI47-6 The Petrogenesis of A-Type Granites and Related Rocks
TI47-3 Minerals in Contaminated Environments: Characterization, Stability, Impact
TI46-6 A Tribute to Joseph V. Smith (1928-2007)
TI46-4 The Mineralogy and Petrology of Carbonatites: A Tribute to John Gittins
TI45-1 Contaminated Granites
TI44-3 Rare-Element Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits
TI43-6 The Mineralogical Association of Canada 50th Anniversary Symposium Volume
TI43-5 S3: Sulfides, Structures, and Synchrotron Light – a tribute to Michael E. Fleet
TI43-1 Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism
TI42-5 PACROFI VIII – Fluid Inclusions
TI42-2 Platinum-Group Elements: Petrology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy
TI40-2 The Cabri Issue
TI39-2 Phase Equilibria in Basaltic Systems
TI38-2 Tectonometamorphic Studies in the Canadian Shield (parts II)
TI37-2 Mineral-Scale Processes in Metamorphic Petrology: the Kretz Volume
TI36-6 XRD and Electron-Microscopy Investigations of Layer Silicates
TI36-2 Granitic Pegmatites: The Černý-Foord Volume
TI35-5 Tectonometamorphic Studies in the Canadian Shield (part I)
TI35-2 Nature and Origin of Primitive Magmas at Subduction Zones
TI34-2 Alkaline Rocks: Petrology and Mineralogy
TI33-2 Microbeam Techniques in the Earth Sciences
TI30-3 Granitic pegmatites
TI29-4 Quantitative Methods in Petrology
TI28-3 Advances in the Study of Platinum-Group Elements
TI26-3 Seafloor Hydrothermal Mineralization
TI22-1 Ore Deposits and Related Petrology of Mafic – Ultramafic Suites
TI21-2 The Crystal Chemistry of the Amphiboles
TI20-3 High-Grade Metamorphism