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The Canadian Mineralogist Thematic Issues

At least once a year MAC publishes a thematic issue of The Canadian Mineralogist that is available for sale outside of the subscriptions. It’s one of the six issues that subscribers receive.

ISSN 0008-4476 (printed version)
ISSN 1499-1261 (electronic version)

TI56-4 A Tribute to Milan Novák
TI55-4 Gems Materials
TI54-4 Granitic Pegmatites: A Tribute to William B. “Skip” Simmons and Karen Louise Webber
TI54-2 PGE Mineralogy from Magmatic to Supergene Environments
TI54-1 A Tribute to Frank Christopher Hawthorne
TI53-5 A Tribute John Leslie Jambor
TI53-2 A Tribute to Edward Sturgis Grew, on the occasion of his 70th birthday
TI52-2 Pegmatitic Phosphate: A Tribute to François Fontan, André-Mathieu Fransolet, and Paul Keller
TI50-6 Granitic Pegmatites and their Minerals: A Second Tribute to Petr Černý
TI50-4 Granitic Pegmatites and their Minerals: A Tribute To Petr Černý
TI50-2 Sulfosalts and Much More… A Tribute to Emil Makovicky
TI49-6 The Mineralogy and Beneficiation of PGM-Cu-Ni Ores
TI49-1 Tourmaline: An Ideal Indicator of its Host Environment
TI48-4 The Petrology of Anorthosites, Related Granitic Rocks, and UHT Assemblages: A Tribute to Ronald F. Emslie
TI47-6 The Petrogenesis of A-Type Granites and Related Rocks
TI47-3 Minerals in Contaminated Environments: Characterization, Stability, Impact
TI46-6 A Tribute to Joseph V. Smith (1928-2007)
TI46-4 The Mineralogy and Petrology of Carbonatites: A Tribute to John Gittins
TI45-1 Contaminated Granites
TI44-3 Rare-Element Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits
TI43-6 The Mineralogical Association of Canada 50th Anniversary Symposium Volume
TI43-5 S3: Sulfides, Structures, and Synchrotron Light – a tribute to Michael E. Fleet
TI43-1 Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism
TI42-5 PACROFI VIII – Fluid Inclusions
TI42-2 Platinum-Group Elements: Petrology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy
TI40-2 The Cabri Issue
TI39-2 Phase Equilibria in Basaltic Systems
TI38-2 Tectonometamorphic Studies in the Canadian Shield (parts II)
TI37-2 Mineral-Scale Processes in Metamorphic Petrology: the Kretz Volume
TI36-6 XRD and Electron-Microscopy Investigations of Layer Silicates
TI36-2 Granitic Pegmatites: The Černý-Foord Volume
TI35-5 Tectonometamorphic Studies in the Canadian Shield (part I)
TI35-2 Nature and Origin of Primitive Magmas at Subduction Zones
TI34-2 Alkaline Rocks: Petrology and Mineralogy
TI33-2 Microbeam Techniques in the Earth Sciences
TI30-3 Granitic pegmatites
TI29-4 Quantitative Methods in Petrology
TI28-3 Advances in the Study of Platinum-Group Elements
TI26-3 Seafloor Hydrothermal Mineralization
TI22-1 Ore Deposits and Related Petrology of Mafic – Ultramafic Suites
TI21-2 The Crystal Chemistry of the Amphiboles
TI20-3 High-Grade Metamorphism