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Prof. Dingwell elected to the Royal Society

The geoscientist Prof. Donald Bruce Dingwell (Peacock Medallist 2015), Chair of Mineralogy and Petrology and current Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has been elected to the Royal Society in recognition of his scientific achievements.

Each year, the Royal Society elects up to 52 Fellows and 10 Foreign Fellows to its ranks. The Royal Society is currently composed of ca. 1700 Fellows.

Prof. Dingwell is active in the field of experimental geomaterials research, with primary applications in petrology and volcanology. An example of his latest research appears this month in Nature.

Dingwell has received numerous national, European and international awards. After the Royal Society of Canada, the Academia Europaea, acatech, and the Leopoldina, this is the 5th academy election for Prof. Dingwell.