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Working with Migmatites

Working with Migmatites book

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 38

Editors: E.W Sawyer and M. Brown

Working with Migmatites is intended to fill the information gap between those who have a long-term interest in migmatites and those wanting to begin working with them. The field, petrographic, and petrological aspects of migmatites are emphasized. A two-tier classification scheme for the morphologies of migmatites is proposed.

Softcover. 158 pages. 2008. 

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ID: SC-38
ISBN: 978-0-921294-46-7


Migmatites occur widely in cratons and orogenic belts throughout the world. Much of the published work on migmatites has concentrated on the petrological processes that have changed relatively homogeneous sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic protoliths into migmatites that are much more heterogenous in appearance. From their location in metamorphic terrains between amphibolite-facies metamorphic rocks and bodies of granite, migmatites and the study of them have also played a significant part in the long-lived debate over the formation of granites and the related problems of how the continental crust differentiated into a more felsic upper part, and a more mafic lower part. Currently, interest in migmatites has expanded into geodynamics and the role that their partially melted precursors may play as very weak rocks or zones in the tectonic evolution of orogens and plateaus. This interest from the geodynamics community in the changes in rheology with melting and the effects of the transfer of mass and heat in orogens will surely increase in the coming years…

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