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Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism

Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism - The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 43, part 1

Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 43, part 1

Editors: D.R.M. Pattison; M.R. St-Onge; N.J. Bégin; R.F. Martin

This thematic issue is devoted to one of the world’s most original thinkers in metamorphic petrology, Dugald M. Carmichael, who recently retired from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. The special issue consists of 24 original papers by some of the world’s leading figures in metamorphic petrology that cover the full spectrum of metamorphic petrology and its applications to Earth Science. At 512 pages, it is the largest single issue of The Canadian Mineralogist. The volume is divided up into broad themes that reflect Dugald’s career interests: thermodynamics, phase equilibria, metamorphic processes, metamorphic fluids, petrology and structure, and metamorphic petrology applied to tectonics.

Softcover. 512 pages. 2005.

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ID: TI43-1
ISBN: 0008-4476


Truth and Beauty in Metamorphism – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 43, part 1


David R.M. PattisonMarc R. St-OngeNormand J. Bégin
Gregor M. Anderson
Roger PowellMichel GuiraudRichard W. White
Douglas K. TinkhamEdward D. Ghent
David R.M. PattisonJames J. Vogl
Howard W. DayRobert K. Springer
Fraukje M. BrouwerMartin Engi
Kurt BucherChristian de CapitaniRodney Grapes
Charna E. MethWilliam D. Carlson
Encarnación PugaC. Mark FanningJosé Miguel NietoAntonio Díaz De Federico
Lawrence M. Barron
Lyle D. HansenGregory M. DippleTerry M. GordonDawn A. Kellett
Tony J. RoachePatrick J. WilliamsJulie M. RichmondLucy H. Chapman
Danny MulrooneyToby Rivers
Edward D. GhentPhilip S. Simony
Charles V. GuidottiFrancesco P. SassiPaola ComodiPier F. ZanazziJames G. Blencoe
Robert P. WintschJohn N. AleinikoffKeewook Yi
Michael J. Rubenach
Harold H. StowellEllen Stein
Jörn H. KruhlRon H. Vernon
Robert G. BermanMary Sanborn-BarrieRichard A. SternChris J. Carson
Panseok YangAphrodite D. Indares
Sandrine CadéronWalter E. Trzcienski, Jr.Jean H. BédardNormand Goulet
B. Ronald FrostSusan M. SwappRobert W. Gregory
Casey L. DonohueEric J. Essene
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