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The Cabri Issue

The Cabri Issue - The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 40, part 2

The Cabri Issue – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 40, part 2

Editors: R.F. Martin

This thematic issue of The Canadian Mineralogist honors Louis Cabri on the occasion of his retirement. More than 60 researchers and close collaborators, colleagues and admirers of his work, publish on the themes that have been recurrent in Louis Cabri’s distinguished career: innovative research in the field of platinum-group minerals and precious metals. The authors of the 32 papers explore the following themes: ore mineralogy of platinum-group minerals; phase-equilibria studies in sulfur-bearing systems; distribution of PGE in natural systems; crystal structure and crystal chemistry of PGM and mineralogy of ore assemblages.

Softcover. 472 pages. 2002.

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ID: TI40-2
ISBN: 0008-4476


The Cabri Issue – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 40, part 2


T.T. ChenJohn E. DutrizacJohn L. Jambor
Thierry AugéIgnace SalpeteurLaurent BaillyMurari Mohan MukherjeeRabindra Nath Patra
R. Grant CawthornChristopher A. LeeRobert P. SchouwstraPeter Mellowship
Nigel J. CookCristiana L. CiobanuRoland K.W. MerkleHeinz-Jürgen Bernhardt
Michael E. FleetCarolina M. De AlmeidaNélson Angeli
Giorgio GarutiEvgeny V. PushkarevFederica Zaccarini
Fernando GervillaKari Kojonen
Kreshimir N. MalitchOskar A.R. Thalhammer
Ernest H. Nickel
Thomas OberthürThorolf W. WeiserLothar GastRonny SchoenbergDonald W. Davis
Mahmud TarkianKarl-Heinz KlaskaEugen F. Stumpfl
Nadezhda D. TolstykhJeffrey Y. FoleyEugeny G. SidorovKauko V.O. Laajoki
Graham C. WilsonJohn C. RucklidgeClaudio Cermignani
Federica ZaccariniGiorgio GarutiR. Grant Cawthorn
Sven Karup-MøllerEmil Makovicky
Juraj MajzlanMilota MakovickyEmil MakovickyJohn Rose-Hansen
Emil MakovickyMilota MakovickyJohn Rose-Hansen
Anna PeregoedovaMaryse Ohnenstetter
Teiichi UenoSteven D. Scott
Sabine M.C. VerrynRoland K.W. Merkle
James R. CraigJohn E. CallahanJoe T. KimbellTodd N. Solberg
James H. Crocket
Orlando C. Gaspar
Kéiko H. HattoriShoji AraiD. Barrie Clarke
Andrei Y. BarkovJ.H. Gilles LaflammeLouis J. CabriRobert F. Martin
Andrei Y. BarkovRobert F. MartinTapio A.A. HalkoahoAlan J. Criddle
Andrei Y. BarkovRobert F. MartinYakov A. PakhomovskyNadezhda D. TolstykhAlexandr P. Krivenko
Joel D. Grice
Frank C. Hawthorne
Rogerio KwitkoAlexandre R. CabralBernd LehmannJ.H. Gilles LaflammeLouis J. CabriAlan J. CriddleHenry F. Galbiatti
John L. JamborJoan ViñalsLee A. GroatMati Raudsepp
Mati RaudseppElisabetta Pani
Christopher J. StanleyAlan J. CriddleHans-Jürgen FörsterAndrew C. Roberts
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