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Synchrotron Radiation: Earth, Environmental and Material Sciences Applications

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 30

Editors: G. Henderson, D. Baker

This volume presents what synchrotron radiation is, what the latest techniques are, what types of Earth, environmental and materials science problems can be investigated using synchrotron techniques, what the Canadian Light Source can do and how one gains access to the CLS and other sources, as well as how data is reduced and analyzed for specific techniques.

Softcover. 178 pages. 2002.

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ID: SC-30
ISBN: 0-921294-30-1


This short course attempts to introduce to the general earth science community some of the basics of synchrotron radiation-based research. It is not intended as a review of all aspects of every synchrotron-based technique, although it does include the important literature in which knowledge of more specific areas can be gained. Instead, it covers the basics of synchrotron research at a level suitable for those interested in beginning to use synchrotron radiation in their research.

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