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Pegmatites Book by David London

Special Publication Volume 10

By D. London

Pegmatites gives us an excellent and thorough review of the current state of the art in pegmatite studies.

Hardcover. 368 pages. 2008.

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ID: SP-10
ISBN: 978-0-921294-47-4


The focus in our Special Publication volume 10,  Pegmatites, is on the petrogenesis of granitic melts that have achieved an advanced degree of evolution as a result of protracted fractional crystallization.

“The London model not only provides the best-to-date, internally consistent explanation of all aspects of individual pegmatite bodies, but it also fits regional relationships in large pegmatite populations, the connection to plutonic bodies and metamorphic environment.”

– Professor Petr Černý, University of Manitoba

Book review by Tony Nikischer, published in Mineral News
Book review by Rainer Thomas, published in Gems & Gemology Spring 2009
Book review by David Manning, published in Elements Vol. 4.5, Oct. 2008
Book review by D. Barrie Clarke, published in Economic Geology
Book review by Allan White, published in The Canadian Mineralogist
Book review by Florie Caporuscio, published in American Mineralogist Vol. 94, 2009

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