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Mineral Species First Discovered from Greenland

Mineral Species First Described from Greenland book

Special Publication Volume 8

By O. Petersen, O. Johnsen

This annotated and illustrated compendium focuses on the 76 mineral species first described from Greenland over the interval 1799 (cryolite) to 2005 [qaqarssukite-(Ce)]. This book includes a complete listing of obsolete names and doubtful species in the literature on Greenland occurrences. Included is a gallery of colour photos of 34 photogenic minerals.

Hardcover. 184 pages. 2005.

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ID: SP-8
ISBN: 0-921294-39-5


The authors give a brief historical development of mineralogical investigations in Greenland, with an emphasis on the three intrusive bodies that account for the bulk of the type-locality minerals: the Ilimaussaq alkaline complex (39% of the total), the Ivigtut granite and associated cryolite deposit (22% of the total), and the Narssarssuk pegmatite (17% of the total). All three were important centers of Gardar anorogenic magmatism, of Mesoproterozoic age.

Appendices covering the chronology of mineral discoveries, individual type-localities, chemical classification of the type minerals, an author index, and general references complete the book.

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