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Mineral Identification Manual, Clues From Their Geological Provenance

Book cover of Mineral Identification Manual Clues from Their Geological Provenance

Education Publication Volume 2

By George W. Robinson, Jeffrey R. Chiarenzelli, and Susan Robinson

This book is intended for anyone who is charged with identifying minerals, without having to use sophisticated equipment to do so. This includes geologists in the field, mineral collectors as well as students and professors in the lab. Many similar determinative tables have been used in the past for this purpose.

Softcover. 208 pages. 2022.

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ID: EP-02
ISBN: 978-0-921294-65-8


This book is arranged in 15 chapters, each one of which contains an explanation of their geological formation. This assumes the person who collected the mineral sample knows the geological environment in which it was found, e.g., a limestone quarry versus a massive sulfide deposit or a pegmatite, etc.

Once the appropriate table for the specimen has been determined, the physical properties of the mineral, beginning with its luster (metallic or non-metallic), is noted, followed by its hardness, density, cleavage, or other discernible physical properties.

This is usually sufficient information to identify most common mineral species, since each step eliminates a considerable number of possibilities. As a confirmation, the photographs provide reassurance that the un-known mineral physically resembles the one chosen through the table.

The volume includes more than 475 color photos, 3 colour diagrams, along with tables of the minerals’ physical properties used for identification in the field and lab.


“Minerals News” July 2022 issue by Tony Nikischer

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