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Melt Inclusions in Plutonic Rocks

Melt Inclusions in Plutonic Rocks book

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 36

Editor: J. D. Webster

The volume discusses means to ensure high-quality melt inclusion research, provides practical methods to evaluate and investigate melt inclusions, describes important new analytical techniques and useful examples of their application to natural systems, and summarizes current understanding of plutonic systems ranging from basaltic to rhyolitic in composition.

Softcover. 248 pages. 2006.

This publication is no longer available as it is out of print.

ID: SC-36
ISBN: 0-921294-36-0


MAC sponsored this series of short courses to review the subject matter and summarize new developments in geological science. Melt inclusion-based research is highly relevant to this series, because melt inclusion studies regularly provide fundamentally important and new constraints on magmatic processes and environments.

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