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High-Grade Metamorphism

The Canadian Mineralogist Thematic Issue volume 20 part 3, 1982 High-Grade Metamorphism E.D Ghent

High-grade Metamorphism – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 20, part 3

Editor: E.D Ghent, guest editor

The nine papers within this thematic issue deal with various aspects of high-grade metamorphism such as geothermometry and geobarometry, P-T estimates from mineral equilibria and fluid inclusions, metamorphic processes, and high-grade retrograde reactions.

Softcover. 144 pages. 1982.

Access to this digital issue is included with MAC membership. It is no longer available in print. 

ID: TI20-3
ISBN: 0008-4476


High-grade Metamorphism – The Canadian Mineralogist, Volume 20, part 3.


Edward D. Ghent
Edward D. GhentClifford C. KnitterRobert P. RaesideMavis Z. Stout
J. MartignoleS. Nantel
L. S. Hollister
Maria Luisa CrawfordLawrence E. Mark
Lee C. Pigage
C. T. Foster
Timothy P. LoomisFrancis B. Nimick
Timothy P. Loomis
Robert J. TracyCraig W. Dietsch
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