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Glossary of Mineral Synonyms

Glossary of Mineral Synonyms Book

Special Publication Volume 2

By Jeffrey de Fourestier

In this authoritative work, the author has combined his training as a linguist and historian with his passion for mineralogy. He has scoured the literature worldwide to provide an exhaustive listing of mineral names used throughout the ages and in various languages, along with the equivalent IMA-approved name of each mineral species.

Hardcover. 448 pages. 1999.

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Publication Price $20.00 CAD/USD
ID: SP-2
ISBN: 0-921294-44-1


Many years of detective work in visiting museums all over the world and tracking obscure references are distilled in the Glossary of Mineral Synonyms. With more than 35,000 entries, this edition represents a seven-fold increase in the number.

This Special Publication covers an exhaustive listing of over 35000 mineral names used throughout the ages and in various languages along with the equivalent IMA-approved name.

It features a 37-page list of inadequately described and unknown minerals and incorporates trade names and the vocabulary of the gem industry including artificial stones.

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