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Geology of Gems Deposits 2nd Edition

Geology of Gems Deposits, Second Edition book

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 44

Editor: L.A. Groat

This volume has been published as a second edition to our short course volume 37, Geology of Gem Deposits. It looks at gemstones from a geological perspective and reviews our current understanding of diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald deposits, but will also examine the lesser-known coloured gems.

Softcover. 405 pages. 2014. 

MAC Member Price: $48 CAD/USD

Publication Price $60.00 CAD/USD
ID: SC-44
ISBN: 978-0-921294-54-2


We have decided to offer the short course, Geology of Gem Deposits, a second time and publish a new edition of the handbook for several reasons:

  • gem deposit research has become more mainstream, and many fascinating papers have been published since 2007
  • numerous individuals told us that they could not attend the short course in Yellowknife, but would be interested in attending a course given elsewhere
  • the first edition of the handbook has sold out, having been through two printings totalling 1,213 copies
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