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Fluids and Basin Evolution

Fluids and Basin Evolution

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 28

Editor: K. Kyser

An illustration of the methods, techniques and approaches used to trace the fluid histories of sedimentary basins. This volume demonstrates how to use this information to evaluate the economic potential (both metal and petroleum) of large basins.

The results from these studies are prerequisites for constraining large and restricted scale flow models, understanding the evolution of the crust, and refining exploration and exploitation strategies for minerals and petroleum deposits.

Softcover. 262 pages. 2000.

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ID: SC-28
ISBN: 0-921294-28-x


This short course presents a rather unorthodox view of basins in that it focuses on the complex and often convoluted history of fluids that have interacted with sediments in basins. Much is owed to the multitude of scientists who have pointed out both the beauty and complexities of these large earth features. Basins are the biggest features on the surface of our planet and contain a substantial amount of our resources, both petroleum and mineral.

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