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Fluid Inclusions: Analysis and Interpretation

Fluid Inclusions: Analysis and Intrepretation book

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 32

Editors: I. Samson, A. Anderson, D. Marshall

This short-course volume covers all the basic and many advanced aspects of the analysis and interpretation of fluid inclusions.

It outlines what fluid inclusions are, what types of data can be obtained from them, the approaches and techniques that can be used to analyze fluid inclusions, how data are processed and interpreted, and where the limitations and pitfalls of the various techniques lie.

The accompanying CD-ROM includes fluid inclusion modelling software and figures from the short-course volume.

Softcover with CD. 370 pages. 2003. 

This publication is available in a bundle promotion with SC-49 “Fluid and Melt Inclusions: Applications to Geologic Processes” for $65 ($52 for MAC members).  

MAC Member Price: $36 CAD/USD

Publication Price $45.00 CAD/USD
ID: SC-32
ISBN: 0-921294-32-8


This volume is designed to provide the reader with the fundamentals of, as the volume title states, the analysis and interpretation of fluid inclusions. As is the case with most review volumes, and for a variety of reasons, there are some aspects of fluid inclusions that are not covered or covered only briefly. However, we have strived to include most of the fundamental aspects of the analysis of fluid inclusions, including modern analytical methods. Where an approach or technique is not covered in detail, we have tried to direct the reader to key, previously published articles.

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