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Fleischer's Glossary of Mineral Species 2022

Cover of Fletchers glossary of Mineral Species 2022

Education Publications Volume 1

13th edition

By Malcolm E. Back

After the main body of text, the glossary provides an additional 213 mineral species which have been pre-approved by the IMA but whose formal descriptions are not yet published. A thorough list of recognized mineral groups follows, ending off with a newly featured 9-page section on sulfosalt systematics.

Fitted with durable covers and spiral binding, this glossary is a compact, easy-to-use, and valuable resource for collectors and mineralogists alike.

Softcover. 448 pages. 2022.

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ID: EP-01
ISBN: 978-0-921294-64-1


Earlier versions of this volume have been published by The Mineralogical Record Inc. since 1971 when the first Glossary was introduced by Mike Fleischer. The first edition of Fleischer’s Glossary was written by Michael Fleischer in 1971 and it is updated every four years to account for the many new mineral discoveries within that time.  The 2022 edition lists 5,739 species—656 more minerals than found in the 2018 edition. For each species, the formula, type locality, crystal system, references, and relationships to other species are described.

The author, Malcom E. Back, was invited by Joe Mandarino as a co-author for the 2004 (9th edition) and the 2008 (10th edition) which was to be their last collaboration on the Glossary. He passed away on September 18, 2007, as they were finishing the manuscript.

The number of new minerals being described each year continues to amaze. In 2017 there were 118 descriptions, 2018-168, 2019-136, 2020-104, and up to October 31, 2021-65 descriptions. This will be an alphabetical list, as of October 31, 2021, of the names, symmetry, and chemical compositions of mineral species. Synonyms and discarded names will not be included. Diacritical marks will be included. This 2022 edition supersedes the 2018 edition.

All mineral species listed are approved by the International Mineralogical Association.


“Mineral News” July 2022 issue by Tony Nikischer

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Pages 448 pages
Publication Year 2022
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