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Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes

Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes book

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 31

Editors: J.L. Jambor, D.W. Blowes, A.I.M. Ritchie

This volume covers a wide spectrum of environmental issues related to mine-waste solids and effluents. Topics include: mine-waste geology, hydrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, microbiology, drainage prediction, remediation, advances in ARD modelling, and case studies. The volume provides entry-level familiarization with the various topics of primary concern in studies of mining-related wastes, but also covers advances that have been made in these and related fields over the past decade.

Softcover. 436 pages. 2003.

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ID: SC-31
ISBN: 0-921294-31-x


In 1994 The Mineralogical Association of Canada held its twenty-second short course, Environmnetal Geochemistry of Sulfide Mine-Wastes, at the University of Waterloo. In the Preface of that short course volume, it was stated that “despite the monumental efforts that have been expanded recently in attempts to rectify past errors and develop new mine-waste technologies, it can still be argued with much validity that our understanding of acid mine drainage and ways to ameliorate it effectively and economically is in a fetal stage of development.” This updated short course serves as an almost complete “rewriting” of much of the 1994 text with a decade’s progress and new developments in the field of mine-waste studies.


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