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Encyclopedia of Mineral Names

Encyclopedia of Mineral Names book

Special Publication Volume 1

By W.H Blackburn and W.H Dennen

Have you ever wondered about the origin of mineral names? The name of a mineral may reflect its chemical composition, a physical property, the name of a person or of an organization, an event, or the mineral’s discovery locality. A mineral may have been named thousands of years ago (some minerals have been known since Antiquity) or just this year, as twenty to thirty new mineral species are approved and named every year by the International Mineralogical Association.

Hardcover. 368 pages. 1997.

This publication is no longer available as it is out of print.

ID: SP-1
ISBN: 0-921294-45-x


“Encyclopedia of Mineral Names” gives an up-to-date listing of all IMA-approved mineral species and provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the etymology of the name?
  • Who discovered the mineral?
  • Where is the discovery locality?
  • What is its chemical formula?
  • What are its symmetry and space group?
  • What is its relationship with other species?
  • Where can one find further information?

The phrase “no information on etymology available” appears only once in this book!

“An authoritative reference of work on the etymology of mineral species.”

– E.H Nickel

“An important and informative reference for anyone who is professionally engaged in mineralogy, petrology and materials science. Libraries should make sure they have this useful compilation.”

– C. Klein


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