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Contaminated Granites

Contaminated Granites - The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 45, part 1

Contaminated Granites – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 45, part 1

Editors: B. Clarke; S. Paterson; R. Vernon

This issue of The Canadian Mineralogist presents a thematic set of papers on Contaminated Granites edited by Barrie Clarke, Scott Paterson, and Ron Vernon. Petrogenetic investigations should always consider granites not so much as the products of crystallization of pristine melts, but as mixtures of such melts and a variety of other components (solid, liquid, vapour) that have contaminated them. Only when we can confidently determine the magnitude of contamination and are able to subtract its effects, will we be able to understand what the granite magma itself has to say.

Softcover. 184 pages. 2007.

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ID: TI45-1
ISBN: 0008-4476


Contaminated Granites – The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 45, part 1


D. Barrie ClarkeScott R. PatersonRon H. Vernon
D. Barrie Clarke
D. Barrie ClarkeSarah Carruzzo
Saskia ErdmannDavid LondonGeorge B. Morgan, VID. Barrie Clarke
Daniel S. Barker
Olga García-MorenoL. Guillermo CorretgéAntonio Castro
Geoffrey S. PignottaScott R. Paterson
David W. FarrisScott R. Paterson
Daniel R. LuxBenjamin HooksDavid GibsonJohn P. Hogan
Ron H. Vernon
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