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Biological-Mineralogical Interactions

Mineralogical Association of Canada Short Course Volume 25 Biological-Mineralogical Interactions

Topics in Mineral Sciences Volume 25

By J.M McIntosh and L.A Groat

A comprehensive review of the rapidly expanding field of geomicrobiology.

This volume is of relevance to researchers from academia and government to geoscience professionals.

Softcover. 241 pages. 1997.

MAC Member Price: $16 CAD/USD

Publication Price $20.00 CAD/USD
ID: SC-25
ISBN: 0-921294-25-5


The objective of this Short Course is to provide an introduction to interactions between organisms (primarily bacteria) and minerals. These interactions are of great importance in many environments, generally at the surface but also within the crust. Because organisms are involved in the breakdown and the formation of a variety of minerals, effects on the lithosphere are important in diverse fields that include mineral weathering, ore-deposit formation, mineral processing, environmental remediation, and soil development. Until recently, however, most mineralogists and much of the geological community have paid little attention to the biosphere. With the help of research by microbiologists and mineral-processing engineers, this indifference is changing and, today, the field of biomineralogy is rapidly expanding.

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