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Atlas of Non-Silicate Minerals in Thin Section

Atlas of Non-silicate minerals in thin section book

Special Publication Volume 7

By J.C Melgarejo and R.F Martin

Observations of rock-forming minerals in thin section constitute a cornerstone in the Earth sciences. Such observations provide a wealth of information, not only about the identity of minerals, but also about the processes that caused them to form.

A valuable resource for professors, graduate-level students, and research-oriented geoscientists.

All photos used to illustrate the book are placed on a CD that will be useful in classroom presentations.

Hardcover. 528 pages. 2011.

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ID: SP-7
ISBN: 978-0-921294-51-1


This Atlas of Non-Silicate Minerals in Thin Section is a completely reorganized and updated version of a book published in 1997 in Spanish and in Catalan by the original author. Designed with graduate-level students and research-oriented geoscientists in mind, our book presents an exhaustive compilation of information and a bibliography about most of the non-silicate mineral species likely to be encountered in advanced research in the geological sciences.

The book contains information on 408 minerals amenable to study with transmitted-light microscopy. Only two native elements and six sulfides qualify, but at the other end of the scale, information is provided for 153 phosphates, arsenates and related vanadates. The contents of the book are organized according to the traditional Dana classification of minerals, but the chapter on organic minerals reflects an important refinement of that classification.

Book review by Tony Nikischer, published in Mineral News Vol. 27.7, 2011
Book review by Reto Gieré, published in Elements Vol. 7.6, Dec. 2011

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