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Elements Volume 16 number 6

The December issue (v16n6) of Elements: Hydrothermal Fluids (Guest Editors: Matthew Steele-MacInnis and Craig E. Manning) was delayed but is now en route to our members.

Electronic edition is available on the Elements website and GeoScienceWorld.

MAC Members may access all articles published since the launch of the magazine in 2005, from the Elements online web page. Your e-mail address (= user ID) and your membership ID (= password).

Fluids transfer heat and mass in the Earth. This issue explores the physical and chemical properties of hydrothermal fluids and how they affect geologic processes. The nature of hydrothermal fluids across a range of geologic settings; the interactions between fluids and rocks; and the interrelationships between fluid-driven processes in different settings are explored.

Each article highlights both broad and specific overlaps between “normal” and ore-forming hydrothermal fluids and describes how the features of hydrothermal systems reflect the specific properties of fluids in different settings.

  • Hydrothermal Properties of Geologic Fluids
  • Metamorphic Fluids in Orogenic Settings
  • Fluids in Submarine Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Settings
  • Subduction-Zone Fluids
  • Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
  • Fluids in Geothermal Systems