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Andrew J. Locock

A native of Edmonton, Andrew Locock obtained a BSc (Honours in geology) and an MSc from the University of Alberta. His MSc thesis focused on the mineralogy and radioisotope geochronology of the Ice River alkaline intrusive complex in southeastern British Columbia. During the course of his graduate work in Edmonton, he had the good fortune to be able to assist with the design and installation of the permanent mineralogy and geology galleries at what is now the Royal Alberta Museum.

Six years followed in the fields of diamond and gold exploration in South America and northern Canada. In 2000, he began his PhD dissertation on the crystal chemistry of uranyl phosphates and uranyl arsenates, under the supervision of Peter C. Burns at the University of Notre Dame, which he completed in 2004.

At present, Andrew is employed at his alma mater in his home town of Edmonton, and is still fascinated by this complex group of minerals.