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Young Scientist Award

This award is given to a young scientist who has made a significant international research contribution in a promising start to a scientific career. The areas of research considered are any or all of those covered by the Mineralogical Association of Canada.

The scientist will have received their PHD not more than 15 years before the award. The scientist must be a Canadian working anywhere in the world or a scientist of any nationality working in Canada. Research areas include mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, geochemistry, mineral deposits, and related fields of study.

The candidate must be nominated by a member of MAC. The letter of nomination must be accompanied by a statement giving the accomplishments of the candidate, the candidate’s curriculum vitae, and list of publications.

Candidates may also be identified by members of the selection committee. The selection committee will be made up of the Past President and three other MAC members selected by the Past President.

The selection of the winning scientist normally will by made in January or February in order that the award be presented at the May Annual Meeting of the Association.

The award need not be presented in any given year if a suitable candidate cannot be found.

Nominations should be sent to:
Andrew Conly
Department of Geology
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1
Phone: 807-343-8463, 807-346-7823
E-mail: by November 30th

Previous winners of the award are:

Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez (2022)
Anna Harrison (2021)
Chris Yakymchuk (2020)
Vincent van Hinsberg (2019)
Matthew Steele-MacInnis (2018)
Siobhan (Sasha) Alexandra Wilson (2017)
Jacob Hanley (2016)
Gordon R. Osinski (2015)
J. Gregory Shellnutt (2014)
Kimberly T. Tait (2013)
Sytle M. Antao (2012)
David A. Fowle (2011)
Sarah A. Gleeson (2010)
Christopher Herd (2009)
Andrew J. Locock (2008)
Laurence Andrew Coogan (2007)
Michael Schindler (2006)
Anton R. Chakhmouradian (2005)
Yuanming Pan (2004)
Al Meldrum (2003)
James Brenan (2002)
J.S. Scoates (2001)
Greg Dipple (2000)
Lee A. Groat (1999)
Peter C. Burns (1998)

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