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Joel D. Grice

Joel D. Grice’s fascination and enthusiasm for collecting minerals began as a youngster after visits to the Royal Ontario Museum. His mineralogical and crystallographic training from Professor Robert Ferguson, University of Manitoba, resulted in master’s (1970) and Ph. D. (1973) degrees. Following a NATO postdoctoral fellowship at ?cole Polytechnique, a year of teaching at Acadia University, and a year of research with the Manitoba Mines Branch, Joel Grice attained his life-long dream in 1976 when he was hired as Curator of Minerals at the Canadian Museum of Nature. To bring the museum’s collection to world-class status required complete reorganization and building through astute purchases and annual collecting trips to all parts of Canada and certain areas in Greenland and Western Australia. To establish research facilities meant raising funds to purchase X-ray and electron microprobe equipment. His research interests are varied: taxonomic studies of new mineral species and their systematics; the nature, distribution, and industrial use of zeolite deposits in southern British Columbia; the crystal chemistry of rare earth element minerals; the classification and genesis of borate minerals those from the evaporite sequences of New Brunswick; and the structural hierarchy of natural and synthetic carbonates. During his career he received numerous awards but perhaps his highest recognition was in 1995 when he was elected chairman of the IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. At present Joel Grice is writing his second popularization book: a rock and mineral identification book for beginners. This book will bring him back to his roots of some 50 years ago.