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Corwin Trottier

Corwin Trottier received a BSc in Geology from Saint Mary’s University (SMU) in 2016. His major undergraduate research project focused on fluid inclusion micro-thermometry, cathodoluminescence (CL), and stable isotope chemistry of complexly zoned quartz in hydrothermal ‘five-element’ veins in the Slave Province, NWT. Growing interest in this project presented an opportunity for Corwin to begin his current MSc project in Dr. Jacob Hanley’s research group at SMU.

This project focuses on geochemical signatures of a uranium-bearing five-element system at the historic Eldorado Mine in Port Radium, NWT. Corwin began his research with a detailed paragenetic study of ore minerals from a diverse collection of mine samples. This revealed a rhythmic intergrowth of uranium within the typical five-element mineralization sequence. He then examined trace element and stable isotope data from the chemically zoned uraninite to constrain the role of uranium in the system. He also used CL and micro-thermometry to study associated quartz and carbonate veins, which host accessible fluid inclusions from different mineralization stages. Ongoing research will use fluid inclusion chemistry to support the genesis of observed mineral associations with a geochemical framework.

The goal of this project is to develop a modern deposit model for five-element mineralization, with particular attention to the sources of fluids and key metals. This will serve as a valuable comparison to similar mineral occurrences in the NWT, and may improve exploration techniques for other economically viable deposits.