Lesson #2: Chalk Painting

Students will learn that thousands of years ago people crushed rocks to obtain colors for paints. The teacher will hold up a piece of chalk and ask the students what it is. Then the teacher will tell the students that the chalk is limestone. The teacher will supply the following items to the students and then guide them through the steps shown to make their own chalk painting. When all the paintings are done the work could be placed on a bulletin board.

Materials for each student:

  1. 1 piece white chalk
  2. glue-water solution (1 tbsp glue with 1 tbsp water)
  3. newspaper
  4. 9" x 12" sheet black construction paper
  5. 1 paintbrush
  6. 1 paper cup
  7. 1 plastic spoon
  8. hammer

Step 1: Put your chalk inside the plastic bag, flatten the bag to remove the extra air, and close the bag securely.

Step 2: Place the bag in between layers of newspaper for cushioning.

Step 3: Use a hammer to carefully crush the chalk into a powder.

Step 4: Pour the chalk powder into the paper cup and add the glue solution. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Step 5: Use the chalk paint and the paintbrush to create a picture on the black construction paper.

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