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    The Canadian Mineralogist

    We publish results of ground-breaking research… For example:

    Partial melting of sulfide ore deposits during medium- and high-grade metamorphism (Frost et al., USA). Can. Mineral. 40, 1-18.

    Relationship between PGE and PGM in the Bushveld Complex (Cawthorn et al., South Africa) Can. Mineral., 40, 311-328.

    Composition ranges and exsolution pairs for the members of the bismuthinite-aikinite series from Felbertal, Austria (Topa et al., Austria & Denmark). Can. Mineral. 40, 849-869.

    The source of basalt vessels in ancient Egyptian archeological sites: a mineralogical approach (Mallory-Greenough et al. Canada). Can. Mineral. 40, 1025-1046.

    The occurrence and origin of zabuyelite (Li2Co3) in spodumene-hosted fluid inclusions: implications for the internal evolution of rare-element granitic pegmatites (Anderson et al., Canada). Can. Mineral.39, 1513-1527.

    Geochemistry and mineralogy of gold-rich precipitates from the eastern Manus Basin, Papua, New Guinea (Moss & Scott, Canada). Can. Mineral. 39, 957-978.

    The valence and speciation of sulfur in glasses by X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Paris et al., Italy). Can. Mineral. 39, 331-339.

    Physical modeling of the formation of komatiite-hosted nickel deposits and review of the thermal erosion paradigm (Rice & Moore, South Africa). Can. Mineral. 39, 491-503.

    Fluid transport of sulfur and metals between sulfide melt and basaltic melt (Baker et al., Canada). Can. Mineral. 39, 537-546.

    High-temperature stability of laurite and Ru-Os-Ir alloy and their role in PGE fractionation in mafic magmas (Brenan & Andrews, Canada). Can. Mineral. 39, 341-360.

    Growth forms and composition of chromian spinel in MORB magmas: diffusion-controlled crystallization of chromian spinel (Roeder et al. Canada & Iceland). Can Mineral. 39, 397-416.

    Silica biomineralisation of unicellular microbes under strongly acidic conditions (Asada & Tazaki, Japan). Can. Mineral. 39, 1-16.

    Micro-analytical study of the optical properties of rainbow and glass obsidians (Chi Ma et al., USA). Can. Mineral. 39, 57-71.

    A bond-valence approach to the structure, chemistry and paragenesis of hydroxy-hydrated oxysalt minerals. Parts I , II and III (Schindler & Hawthorne, Canada). Can . Mineral. 39, 1225-1274.

    Evidence for open-system behavior in immiscible Fe-S-O liquids in silicate magmas: implications for contributions of metals and sulfur to ore-forming fluids (Larocque et al., Canada & USA). Can. Mineral. 38, 1233-1249.

    Cryogenic Raman spectroscopic studies in the system NaCl-CaCl2-H2O and implications for low-temperature phase behavior in aqueous fluid inclusions (Samson & Walker, Canada). Can. Mineral. 38, 35-43.

    .. and from time to time, review articles

    Ore-mineral textures and the tales they tell (Craig, USA). Can. Mineral. 39, 937-956.

    The design and evaluation of nuclear-waste forms: clues from mineralogy (Ewing, USA) Can. Mineral. 39, 697-715.

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