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Renato and Adriana Pagano

Renato and Adriana Pagano are well known to the international mineralogical community. Renato is a mineralogical superstar in Italy and is widely known by collectors, scientists, and museum people. He has been a serious collector of minerals, antique mineralogical literature, and historical mineralogical instruments since very early in his life. He has assembled an exceptional collection of minerals, numbering some 13,000 specimens representing about 3900 species. His collection is oriented toward systematic mineralogy, although it includes many esthetic specimens as well. The Pagano collection also contains dozens of antique instruments, blowpipe sets, and other mineralogical memorabilia, including a wonderful assortment of mineral art, old and new. The Paganos library contains over 4000 antique and contemporary books and publications and is available to scientists and collectors looking for hard-to-find documentation.

One of the most important activities of the Paganos has been their representing both Mineralogical Record and Rivista Mineralogica Italiana at many European mineral shows since 1980. At these events, they gather subscriptions, sell back issues, answer questions, and simply put friendly and knowledgeable faces forward on behalf of the two journals.

Renato has often and freely used his extensive experience in specimen mineralogy and his wide network of international friends to support scientists and museum curators in their research and acquisition projects. He has been instrumental in the study of new species (olmiite, ferroholmquistite, fluoro-aluminoleakeite, kazanskyite) and crystal structures. A new mineral species, paganoite, was named after Renato and Adriana.

Renato is an engaging speaker in both Italian and English, and has provided excellent talks at mineralogical gatherings, including the Rochester Symposium, the Geoliterary Society, and, of course, venues in Italy.

Renato Pagano’s life has been dominated by a love of the history, literature, science, and reality of minerals. He has given selflessly to the scientific and hobby communities through sharing materials, giving absorbing lectures, and enhancing communications among people of all levels of activity involving minerals. Quite appropriately, the award is given to both the Paganos as they have been an inseparable team ever since they were married and each has supported the other in all their mineralogical activities.

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